Frequently asked questions


We're an organization from UCLA dedicated to celebrating and upholding film on campus. We have weekly meetings where we screen and discuss a film, in addition to on campus screenings and events like the BFS Awards. We also have a ton of events off campus, whether it be early screenings, premieres, or film festivals. 

When are your meetings?

Meetings during the Winter 2019 quarter take place on Wednesdays at 8pm in Dodd 121. 

I have some ideas/suggestions for screenings.

We’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions you may have! You can submit them HERE.

How do I get into free screenings and movie premieres?

Follow us on social media, and join our Group Me and mailing list. BFS will keep you updated on any free screenings happening on or around campus, along with other cool Q&A events.

Come to meetings! The more meetings you come to, the more priority you’ll have when we have screening and premiere passes to give away.

Keep an eye out on Facebook for screenings put on by BFS and other campus organizations like CEC and Melnitz Movies. 

movies are so expensive. where can I watch them for free online?

If you're a UCLA student, you're in luck! There are several streaming services you can get for free or at a discounted rate using your email: 

     - Only works on UCLA campus
     - New movies added every quarter

     - Free account for UCLA students

     - Free account for UCLA students

     - Free account with a Spotify student subscription

Amazon Prime:
     - Discounted account for students

I like watching movies on the big screen. what are some nearby theaters AND HOW DO I GET THERE? 

Regency Village Theatre
     - Within walking distance of UCLA
     - MoviePass eligible
     - $10.50 tickets with BruinCard

Regency Bruin Theater
     - Within walking distance of UCLA
     - MoviePass eligible
     - $10.50 tickets with BruinCard

Landmark Regent
     - Within walking distance of UCLA

The Landmark
     - Take the 8 or R12 from Westwood/Weyburn
     - They serve the best movie theater popcorn you'll ever eat

Nuart Theatre
     - Take the 1 from Westwood/Weyburn
     - Shows Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday at midnight

AMC Century City
- Very nice but very annoying to get to by bus
     - MoviePass eligible

Aero Theatre
- Take the 18 from Hilgard/Strathmore

Egyptian Theatre
     - Take the 2 or 302 from Westwood/Le Conte

New Beverly Cinema
     - Shows classic and modern movies on 35mm film prints

ArcLight Hollywood
     - 2 or 302 from Westwood/Le Conte

Laemmle Monica Film Center
     - Take the 1 or 2 from Westwood/Weyburn
     - Student discount on Sundays ($9 tickets and $1 small popcorn)
     - MoviePass eligible



Rotten Tomatoes:



A.V. Club:

What is letterboxd?

Only one of the best websites to ever exist! If you’ve come to a meeting, chances are we have told you to make a Letterboxd account. We’re not kidding - make one! Letterboxd is an awesome website where you can log and rate movies you’ve seen, write reviews, make lists, and look at your movie-watching statistics. Most importantly, you can check out what movies your fellow BFS members have watched and how they feel about them!

Where can i submit feedback?

Feel free to submit feedback to us anonymously (or otherwise) here.